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Our Team

Here to Serve You

The KMI Wellness team is comprised of qualified health specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.


Crystal Harper APRN-CNP

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Crystal is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Specializing in Weight Management, Hormone Replacement, and Aesthetics. She has a passion for improving the lives of those around her. Her goal is to help you achieve the life you've always wanted and struggle to reach. Through compassionate care and an active role in your health, she will guide you on your wellness journey. 


Kelly Parker APRN-CNP

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with over 16 years of healthcare experience. Kelly is committed to enhancing overall wellness, by utilizing a highly specialized functional medicine approach. Tackling common health disparities through discovering root cause of the disease. Focusing on treating the underlying cause of the condition so that you can move forward with your life without depending on traditional pharmaceutical treatments. 

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